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Re: Providing patched DVDs to potential users

On 5/30/06, Rob Garth <rgarth gmail com> wrote:
A generic install of FC5 requires hundreds of megs of patches once
installed, a particular frustration of mine, and I am sure it  doesn't
leave a good taste in the mouth of people trying out Fedora for the
first time.

Whenever I give out Fedora DVD images now, I make sure they are built
form an updated install tree and that the will require no - or minimal
- patching after install.

Why isn't there updated monthly releases of the FC iso images? I think
there should be, and I think whenever a DVD is handed out to the
general public it should be up to date.

Any thoughts? (and apalogies if this is the wrong group to post to).

Rob Garth.

Hi Rob,
You might want to contact "Robert 'Bob' Jensen" on that subject.
Thomas Chung

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