a call to action [Fwd: LWN headline: Blame Fedora = High Praise]

Robert M. Albrecht romal at gmx.de
Sun Apr 15 20:30:03 UTC 2007


> Agreed. It's a nice way of getting legal support for these things should the
> user opt for them, while still keeping the Fedora as-is Free.

Perhaps this could be expanded in some way.

If Fedora finds any unsupported hardware it could display a dialog
informing the user:

- device class and vendor
- link to vendors homepage
- vendors contact to click (thus launching the email client) and ask for
linux-support (pre-filled email-text ?)
- link to fedoras wiki for explaning
	a) why this happened (binary only firmware, ...)
	b) instructions to get it running

cu romal

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