Fedora 7: Community remix

Rahul Sundaram sundaram at fedoraproject.org
Wed Aug 8 21:16:40 UTC 2007


There are folks frequently asking, can I setup a wiki the way Fedora 
does it? If you are trying to build a community and want to leverage the 
same tools and infrastructure Fedora does, this article is for you.


"One of the popular features of Fedora 7 is the ability to remix Fedora 
and build your own custom version. Now don’t get me wrong–building a new 
distribution is nice. But what about those who wish to create their own 
Fedora-based project? How do you grow a complete community in an 
enterprise environment or in the general public? Thanks to some of the 
lesser-known features, anyone can use the exact same tools that make 
Fedora, well… Fedora."


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