Deskftop Faceoff: Fedora vs. Vista

Davidson Rodrigues Paulo dpaulo at
Thu Aug 16 13:07:36 UTC 2007

Hi all,

Here an interesting article published on comparing Vista
and Fedora, with favorable comments to Fedora features.

"(..) Fedora 7 adds a veneer to the GNU/Linux desktop that provides
much of the ease of use of a Windows operating system, but beneath it,
the traditional Unix concerns for security and for users doing things
their own way remains. While users can ignore these concerns,
especially when just starting out, as they become more experienced
they may welcome the added control.

Fedora and its default GNOME desktop may still have a few lessons to
learn from Vista, particularly in the selection of administration
tools. Yet in terms of almost everything that's important to users,
Fedora and GNOME have overtaken Vista and are rapidly pulling away
from it.

As the addition of the side panel shows, it is Windows that is
starting to learn from GNU/Linux. The days when the situation was the
other way around are over."

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