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My wife and I started a business over the summer that is really starting
to take off.  In our quest to create our own income, we decided our path
should be a Open Source only one.  Now this may not seem so hard, but
the area in which we live creates some logistical problems along that route.

We run Fedora only at our house and our children have had exposure to a
Free Software ONLY household the whole time.  My belief in Free Software
turned my wife into a Fedora user and amazingly she cannot stand other
operating systems.  Not because of the lack of freedom but because of
the lack of usability.  As such using any other operating system has
been more of a headache to her than I ever thought possible.  This is
after many of my failed attempts over the years to switch her from other
Operating Systems.  Red Hat 9 was her first taste, but it was not enough
to make her switch.  Fedora 4 was when the switch actually occurred.

I guess the background may be a bit much, but I wonder if any of you who
are excellent writers would like to do a case study or interview of us
about a business started purely from Open Source roots and the hassles
and non-hassles that has come to surface from going down an open source
only road.

We really want to highlight to everyone that not only is the freedom
provided by open source software available, but is a key ingredient in
success from a business standpoint.  Yes, as with any business there are
 obstacles, but with open source solutions these have been very minor
when they could have been devastating.

Our business is a grocery delivery business serving those who either
have no capability to shop for themselves, no time to do it, or have
better things to do with their time, or any combination of those three.
 Our business is pure open source, from the software that runs the web
site, the software that runs the bookkeeping, and even the software we
use to create our advertisements.

By using these available open source solutions we have been able to
customize what we need and yet save money.  Total Cost of Ownership is a
buzzword these days, but in essence, we are realizing huge cost savings
on a daily basis.

I guess I have rambled enough, but my main point is we are a great test
case or point of reference for marketing Fedora in that we use its
capabilities to the fullest for our business, and that is proving to
have been an excellent choice.

Feel free to contact me if you would like more info about how we use
open source and in particular Fedora to further our business.


- --Jim Nanney

I guess I should disclose that I signed up earlier this year to be a
Fedora Ambassador and I have been a contributing member of the Fedora
Free Media Project.
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