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Re: FUDCon Marketing?

John Poelstra wrote:
I thought Mike McGrath started a good idea with the thread about a banner ad... what else are we doing to spread the word about FUDCon? I haven't seen any external press.

Some folks have mentioned spreading the word via blog postings, but that seems to be more announcing to ourselves instead of the outside world.

Could we get some help from the RHT Communications people to start a campaign now that builds up to the actual event? Maybe first starting with a press release?

This seems like a great opportunity to call attention to what is different about Fedora conferences... things like the admission fee being approximately $895 USD less than what it cost to attend the other distro's recent conference in Portland, Oregon in July 2007?

But then maybe it isn't fair to compare these two conferences because they have a different purpose as do the distributions? ;-)


I asked daMaestro to add a banner to all the Fedora Unity Sites tonight and as always he came through for me.

Thanks to all those that worked on the banner, we used the version from Jonathan Roberts BTW.

Robert 'Bob' Jensen
Fedora Unity Project

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