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Re: Where to go with marketing next?!

> >  - Places like Digg and Slashdot are community based, they have the idea
> > that you'll want to digg stories similar to your friends - i.e. other
> > Fedora users. We should try and make better use of this and put out more
> > shouts and submit more Fedora related stories :D All the stuff that we
> > get sent to the marketing-list about Fedora in the news, we should be
> > digging these stories as well (heh, at least the positive ones!) 
> And maybe some blogs pointing to the stories, too.

OK, as an easy starting point I'm going to commit to taking every story
that get's posted to this list about Fedora, checking if it's submitted
to digg and if not submitting it. I'll also Slashdot and send links to
this list and blog pointing to the stories.

I think this is fair game as I'm pretty sure people who are following
Planet and this list are interested in Fedora and would probably digg
these stories if given the option; either way I'll make it clear to
people to only digg if they enjoy the article!!

That is, unles somebody can think of a good reason why not. If not,
forever hold your peace...


> Exciting stuff!

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