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Re: Who can help?

Il giorno dom, 22/07/2007 alle 00.03 +0800, Mark F. Liu ha scritto:
> Hi all,
> I have requested membership in the marketing group, but this membership
> needs be approved.
> That would be grateful, if some people can help me.
> BTW, could someone tell me what would be the top mission of marketing group?
> Thanks.
> Mark F. Liu

Hi! Welcome!

This is a page that can give you some good starting point:


Lima Software - http://www.limasoftware.net/
GNU Classpath Developer - http://www.classpath.org/
Fedora Ambassador - http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/MarioTorre
Jabber: neugens jabber org
pgp key: http://subkeys.pgp.net/ PGP Key ID: 80F240CF
Fingerprint: BA39 9666 94EC 8B73 27FA  FC7C 4086 63E3 80F2 40CF

Please, support open standards:

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