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linuxglobe's mission and Fedora

Hello fellow Fedorians AND fellow Linux Users/Developers!

My name is Mark McLaughlin, I have loved Fedora since Core 5 and can not WAIT to try out 8!
I am a writer and a "super user" who dabbles in Fedora, MAC OS X, and once used the dreaded
Windoze XP.  I been a fan of the UK's Linux Format magazine for over a year now and I have
not seen ANY American counterpart so I started linuxglobe.net / linuxglobe.wordpress.com,
a pdf-based e-magazine slash linux torrent portal to convert frustrated Windoze Users and
regular folks into Linux Users and Developers!  I want to spread the word about this very
ambitious project and I chose Fedora as linuxglobe's MAIN OS, I see its potential as it
gets better AND better.  What I ultimately want to do is to have a national North American
magazine with a free DVD attached, published with Fedora 9 that has themes made for it
by linuxglobe subscribers and/or fans using GIMP, GIMPshop, or Inkscape.  I am sick
and tired of seeing the hideous Steve Ballmer at Microsoft grinning every time Vista
makes a profit! 

It is time to show regular folks that Linux is here for THEM too and we will make it easier
for them to use on any computer they have!  What Fedora should have is how-to
documents/videos in a "folder" on everything like setting a wireless network, installing a
printer, finding photos/music/videos, etc.  Fedora 8 and beyond must have optional
features that are good equivalents to itunes, iphoto, imovie, the Vista sidebar, the
MAC "bar," a news ticker, improvements to the upcoming "codec buddy," an updated
Skype interface, voice recognition, better text to speech software for the blind,
improvements to ogg theora, and a combined KDE/GNOME interface.  These are
just many improvements I like to see in Fedora in the months to come.  Fedora can
help linuxglobe by finding one person willing to test every release out and have a review
of it ready a few weeks after the initial debut.  It is very important that Fedora keeps
improving and always putting in features a User would want to have through free software.

Please consider what I propose, I would like to spread the word about Fedora in Boston
where there are SO many college students and regular folks who want to use a computer
but don't know what's out there.  What can be done out here to have Fedora mentioned
and distributed?  Should I invest a small amount to spread the word about Fedora in the
Boston Globe?  All we need is the web site name and a catchy phrase!  Any ideas about
that?  Should I go out to some major event around here and give out free Fedora DVDs?

Mark McLaughlin - Editor-In-Chief, linuxglobe.wordpress.com - Fedora User / Writer

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