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Fedora at GITEX 2007 (42 Days to Go)

There are 42 days left before GITEX in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Here is a quick update:

Red Hat is being very supportive. They are providing the Fedora
Project with a dedicated demo pod. One urgent task is to submit the
design for the large demo pod sign.

The Fedora Project will have the opportunity to show Fedora 7 in
action booting on a laptop, from a live CD and from a USB stick. We
hope to give out a few hundred Fedora live CDS and explain how to spin
custom versions with Revisor.

Since this is a commercial exhibition, we will be explaining open
source concepts to members of the business community, and dispelling
myths surrounding free and open source software.

We also will assist in demonstrating the OLPC XO laptop. This is a
great opportunity to expose government representatives from Africa,
the Middle East and Asia to the One Laptop Per Child Project.

What we desperately need is people willing to commit a few hours to
man the booth, answer questions, do demos and show the Fedora Project
at its finest. Please contact me any which way you can if you are

See the Fedora at GITEX wiki page
(http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FedoraEvents/GITEX) for more details.

John Babich
Volunteer. Fedora Project

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