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Re: Fedora stats offer insight into Linux usage

Gian Paolo Mureddu wrote:
Rahul Sundaram escribió:


Joe 'Zonker' Brockmeier talks with Fedora's Max Spevack about some recently released statistics. "The Fedora Project offered a peek under its kimono recently with details about Fedora 7 adoption and other statistics. Fedora 7 has snagged more than 300,000 users since its release at the end of May. While that sounds pretty good, Fedora Core 6 managed to attract more than 400,000 in roughly the same amount of time after its release. We asked Max Spevack, the Fedora project leader, whether the numbers are telling the full story."


Excellent! This shows one more time the Fedora's leadership at taking initiative to not only have an Open Source Software distribution, but also Open Source Information. I wonder a couple of things, though:

* Will RHEL include such methods to also measure system use? Or is there no need for this as it is "subscription based"?

There is a need for it but that need is fulfilled by registrations in RHN. Smolt is in fact derived from RHN client side tools and like Smolt RHEL has detailed statistics with more data by the virtue of being customers.

* How are the efforts to convince other distributions to also add to the smolt and others statistics efforts initiated by Fedora?

I am in discussions with Mandriva and SUSE.

* Do we envision a "global" statistics center where developers, hardware vendors, software vendors, distributors could look at in a future and better target their:
   * Products.
   * Development efforts.
   * Bug tracking systems.
   * Expected user base for a given product or service.

This really looks very nice! Go, go Fedora!

Yes. If other distributions agree to adopt Smolt, the potential benefits are much larger. See http://rahulsundaram.livejournal.com/11995.html for more details.


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