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Re: A computer in every pot

Rahul Sundaram escribió:

The user interface is called Sugar and not the OS itself but a good article nevertheless. BBC published a couple of articles with more technical information and videos featuring Christopher Blizzard, lead OLPC team in Red Hat.


"If the ingenuity of the XO’s hardware is impressive, the machine’s software is truly ground-breaking. Red Hat, the world’s largest Linux distributor, has provided an extremely compact version of its Fedora operating system, called Sugar, that uses a mere 130 megabytes of the XO’s flash memory. By comparison, Windows XP requires 1.65 gigabytes."



Thanks for sharing, I hadn't had the opportunity to watching the Sugar UI in action in the OLPC. However, I still don't like it that the BBC uses codecs that make it difficult for users of 64-bit systems to watch (not all plugins available are capable of displaying Windows Media video the way they send it, and there is no Real Player plugin for 64-bit systems). Still the Flash videos I could watch, and loved them.

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