Fedora 8 To Integrate OpenJDK

Rahul Sundaram sundaram at fedoraproject.org
Sun Jul 29 14:45:17 UTC 2007



"One of the most recently added features to the Fedora 8 feature list is 
IcedTea, which is the open-source version of Java (OpenJDK). The plan is 
to make IcedTea the default JPackage environment and will replace GCJ. 
There are Fedora packages for IcedTea already maintained (at 
ClassPath.org) and the dependencies needed to build IcedTea can already 
be found in Fedora Rawhide. What's left to be accomplished is resolving 
issues pertaining to questionable license headers, while lower on the 
totem pole is integration with the open-source Java web-plugin 
(gcjwebplugin) followed by PPC and PPC64 support. If IcedTea doesn't 
make the cut for Fedora 8, GCJ will be left in as the default JPackage 
environment. More information on the OpenJDK plans for Fedora 8 can be 
found in the Fedora Project Wiki."



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