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Re: Fedora Project Sign for GITEX Demo Pod -- here we go ...

John Babich wrote:
On 7/30/07, Chitlesh GOORAH <chitlesh fedoraproject org> wrote:

Without RH logo. !

Why ? following John Babich discussion, some of us had some
difficulties in organizing fedora booths at certain events in the
past, just because Fedora was too related to Red Hat.

Some organizers pointed to the direct influence of Red Hat in fedora's
marketing team. At that time, we hadn't much choice than to accept and
pay high price for the booth.

I wasn't aware of this...

To clarify on that, in some conferences non-commercial or volunteer entities are charged lower or given free booth space while commercial entities are charged usually heavily to compensate for free both space to others.

This in general is a good scheme except that some organizers refuse to consider Fedora as a volunteer community vis-a-vis it's relationship to Red Hat. Red Hat does not allocate a huge budget that is Fedora specific because it considers Fedora as more of as a community effort and not a commercial product. This means Red Hat or Fedora volunteers end up footing a higher bill than necessary. If we can avoid that problems, these funds can be used for a greater good.

In a conference that was organized in my region separate booths in different places were setup for Fedora and Red Hat. One potential problem with this setup is that some people are not aware of any relationships and end up asking questions like "How do you compete with Red Hat?". If you manage to communicate the relationships in your introductions while avoiding the pitfalls, that would be the ideal solution.


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