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Re: Red Hat Launches New Package Repository for Enterprise Linux

Gian Paolo Mureddu wrote:

Yes, that's exactly what I meant.

Though from the discussion you two are having, it may seem as if this is going to be an "at your own risk" sort of thing for RHEL users.

Yes. That is the *best* we can hope for. RHEL is a commercial product that comes with support, warranty and services with tedious level of backporting, testing etc that guarantees a level of ABI compatibility, hardware and software certifications and that is it's value over the hundreds of other distributions out there. These are legally enforceable requirements specified in a contract. Anything that is not directly maintained is going to be automatically excluded. Some security certifications also require you all the software and every single check in a product to be done by a single vendor and you need to able to verify and prove that to get certified and without those certifications you are excluded from some specific markets - defense, government, financial etc.

So yes, EPEL is not going to be treated as part of the same product with commercial support regardless of it's quality since it is volunteer work. See EPEL FAQ for more details.


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