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Re: Some Idea....please reply

Francesco Ugolini wrote:
2)The second idea is this:
I want to create something like a dating site but for Fedora user.
Ok, I explain the idea about the dating site. I want to create a site where the user can meet other user in real time.
The site can give at all the Fedora user around the world to know other Fedora user.Can give the possibility to resolv the problem that the newbie can have and in this way is possible to see that bihind the Fedora Project there are real people,and not only a mail address.

Hi Giuseppe,

Generally Ambassadors meet together at the events, like FAD (Ambassadors
only), FUDCONs etc... I think marketing contributors, that aren't
ambassador, can join the FUDCONs and the other events.

If you want to join an event see Linux Tag in Berlin that will be held
in the last days of May, there many ambassador, contributors, etc...
will organize conferences, a booth and other activity.
What language will be spoken at Linux Tag? Their site is in German only (at least I have not found anything else..). And I am afraid my German skills are a bit rusty..

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