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Re: Some Idea....please reply

Manuel Wolfshant ha scritto:
> Francesco Ugolini wrote:
>>> 2)The second idea is this:
>>> I want to create something like a dating site but for Fedora user.
>>> Ok, I explain the idea about the dating site. I want to create a site
>>> where the user can meet other user in real time.
>>> The site can give at all the Fedora user around the world to know
>>> other Fedora user.Can give the possibility to resolv the problem that
>>> the newbie can have and in this way is possible to see that bihind
>>> the Fedora Project there are real people,and not only a mail address.
>> Hi Giuseppe,
>> Generally Ambassadors meet together at the events, like FAD (Ambassadors
>> only), FUDCONs etc... I think marketing contributors, that aren't
>> ambassador, can join the FUDCONs and the other events.
>> If you want to join an event see Linux Tag in Berlin that will be held
>> in the last days of May, there many ambassador, contributors, etc...
>> will organize conferences, a booth and other activity.
> What language will be spoken at Linux Tag? Their site is in German only
> (at least I have not found anything else..). And I am afraid my German
> skills are a bit rusty..

It's a German related event, but many other Europeans join the event,
it's just the biggest event in Europe ( bigger than FOSDEM, that is, at
the end, an European one, but it's smaller than Linux Tag).


Francesco Ugolini


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