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Self introduction about Robert Scheck

Hello folks,

my name is Scheck, Robert Scheck. Currently, I'm 21 years old and I'm from
Germany. Maybe you know my name from Bugzilla reports after updating my
development system to Fedora Core Development, anciently called Rawhide.
I'm also writing some e-mails from time to time to fedora-devel-list and

Professionally, I'm a programmer at Linux and ERP (Enterprise Resource
Planning) environments working for a young and tiny IT company called ETES
GmbH. Some time before I did my apprenticeship to IT specialist field
systems integration at Hewlett-Packard Germany as result of my personal
interest in computers started in December 1998. And in July 2004, I did my
certification as Red Hat Certified Technician - during my apprenticeship,
but paid by me! ;-)

As you surely recognized, I'm more technical related, thus I'm maintainer
for 10 packages in Fedora Extras. Oh, but I'm not a greenhorn regarding the
representation of company, projects and products: At the CeBIT 2003 in
Hannover/Germany I was presenting "wireless clinic" and mobile solutions
for on-site technicians for HP - but on the Microsoft booth while listening
and watching the Microsoft Windows 2003 Server clips and announcements.
It's no joke, even it maybe sounds funny for a Linux guy. Of course I did
the same at the HP booth when switching with colleagues from there...

When thinking about this, it's a good time to repent at the LinuxTag 2007
in Berlin/Germany which is my initial goal as Fedora Ambassador. At first,
I'll mainly support Gerold Kassube and Florian Brand until things for the
days are clarified. Finally I want to say thanks to Gerold, who encouraged
me to walk this way and to get an ambassador.


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