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DistroWatch Weekly, Issue 192 on Fedora


" As such, it looks like the most interesting delivery of the upcoming release season will be coming from the Fedora project. The developers have recently extended their testing cycle by a whole month to include a fourth test release and the extent of the new features and improvements in Fedora 7 seems lengthier than those in Ubuntu or Mandriva. The merging of Core and Extras packages into one massive software repository, dramatic improvements in boot speeds as well as the yum package management system, and a new single-CD method of installing Fedora from a live CD are all excellent improvements. While some of these features have been available in other distributions, it's nice to see that the Fedora development team is willing to learn and adopt successful technologies developed elsewhere. That, combined with their own innovations, should guarantee a highly interesting Fedora 7 in May this year"



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