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Re: DistroWatch Weekly, Issue 192 on Fedora

Igor Jagec wrote:
Rahul Sundaram wrote:

" As such, it looks like the most interesting delivery of the upcoming release season will be coming from the Fedora project. The developers have recently extended their testing cycle by a whole month to include a fourth test release and the extent of the new features and improvements in Fedora 7 seems lengthier than those in Ubuntu or Mandriva. The merging of Core and Extras packages into one massive software repository, dramatic improvements in boot speeds as well as the yum package management system,

I can agree to all of that, except the Yum thing. I haven't noticed some
Yum speed improvement on my Rawhide system I update every day. Yum is
still very very slow. SmartPM is much faster, but still more buggy than
Yum :-/

The comments are regarding the plans. Not what exists right now in Fedora development.


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