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Fedora Ambassador Meeting Report - Thursday 8th Mar

Hello there,


- JeremyGaddis
- FrancescoUgolini
- ChitleshGoorah
- GeroldKassube
- AndreasRau
- ClausReheis
- MirjamWaeckerlin
- ThomasCanniot

Here are what has been discussed during yesterday's meeting :

# Fedora European Infrastructure - a swiss bank account (proposed by
JoergSimon) is needed for transparency
   * before or after LinuxTag ? - not yet decided

# 214€ from CLT by ChitleshGoorah and JoergSimon - first deposit as an
example to follow

# One Polo-shirt model only for Fedora Booth staffs i.e public
shouldn't have this model - GeroldKassube

# For LinuxtagBerlin, new banners need to be made. Old ones aren't uptodate !

# Any ambassador who wants produce swag can use a (already owned)
Fedora id at santafetex - JoergSimon

# LinuxTagBerlin: JoergSimon can produce sails with lightmetall stands
but it will cost. JoergSimon will propose a price next week.

# Executive will possess accountdata and id in shops which will be
useful to produce swags or dvds (proposed by JoergSimon)

# ThomasCanniot - well if you are too create a non profit
organisation, and sell things through a shop, there are no tax at all
normally (or at least in france)
the account(proposed by JoergSimon) must be at the name of someone.
And this person, whoever it may be, can take the money and go away.
Even if it is someone we can have some trust in today. Moreover, if
this person happens to die for example accidently or has financial
problems, banks can take the money to reimbursed its debt

# Mar 7-8, 2007 - Berne, Switzerland OpenExpo 2007
GeroldKassube: small, independant event

# Mar 16-17, 2007Nantes, France - Linux Party XI
ArmelKermorvant was absent ! No updates on this event yet.

# Mar 22-23, 2007 Dakshh 2007 http://dakshh.org
SusmitShannigrahi was absent!   No updates on this event yet.

# March 24 2007 ISEIT Install Fest
GuillermoGomez was absent!   No updates on this event yet.

# March, 2007 Open Source in Administration and Education March, 2007
PawelSadowski was absent! Pawel has some exams

# April 11, 2007 IU LinuxFest
JeremyGaddis didn't respond!  No updates on this event yet.

# April 28, 2007 Festival Latinoamericano de Instalación de Software Libre PERU
HernanPachas was absent!   No updates on this event yet.

# April 28, 2007 FLISOL 2007 Venezuela
GuillermoGomez WilmerJaramillo WalterCervini were absent!   No updates
on this event yet.

# May 30-Jun 2, 2007 Berlin, Germany LinuxTag Berlin 2007
from todays perspective it will have also more success to Fedora as
the basicaly planed event FOSDEM because we will try to have a big
event at LT with a install party,
Fedora will organize
- a troubleshooting contest
- a Fudcon
- the global launch of F7 (directly with a dedicated mirror on LT)
- a booth party
- and last but not least
we will have Max, spot and MikeMcGrath at the booth, at the FUDCon and
in a special workshop with Opensuse
[we will have also a dedicated "team" which meets end of march to
prepare all these things in Karlsruhe
the Team which prepares LT is done by: AndreasRau, ClausReheis,
FlorianBrand, JensKuehnel, ChitleshGoorah, JoergSimon and me
Claus is doing a special kind of massage for signed Attendees of the
LT for a Fedora Donation twice a day

Thanks FrancescoUgolini for chairing that meeting.


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