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Re: Dell Linux Survey has Fedora as an option

Indeed, tiresome to see all the fanboys trying to impose what they feel
is "the best thing" as the standard for the yet-to-see Dell preloaded
Linux distro.

Sure, Fedora had and continues to have (minor) bugs, just like any
distro, but I can't help thinking that much of the anti-Fedora prejudice
is pure hearsay. Have the Fedora-bashers ever used it?

In the end, to a lot of people it doesn't matter what Dell preloads
because they will install their own favourite distribution instead. Yet
much is, theoretically, at stake here. If people, especially those new
to Linux, try it out and buy such a Dell machine, and they like what
they see, they won't uninstall it.

Anyway, we all know it will be either Suse or Ubuntu, unless Red Hat is
going to subsidise Dell a little, which I don't think is their business
model. (?)

If Dell preloads Ubuntu, it will be blob time soon. What has the
Linux/FOSS world gained then? 


Op wo, 14-03-2007 te 16:37 +0900, schreef Marc Wiriadisastra:
> >
> Reading the comments from the posts below is a bit disheartening.
> http://direct2dell.com/one2one/archive/2007/03/13/7985.aspx#comments
> It seems that a lot of people's perception of Fedora is that of an unstable 
> server centred OS which to me seems contradictory to what it is.
> We have a lot of work to do.
> Regards,
> Marc 

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