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Re: Dell Linux Survey has Fedora as an option

Le mercredi 14 mars 2007 à 15:14 -0400, Michel Salim a écrit :
> 2007/3/14, hymno3 <crazymulgogi gmail com>:
> > Indeed, tiresome to see all the fanboys trying to impose what they feel
> > is "the best thing" as the standard for the yet-to-see Dell preloaded
> > Linux distro.
> >
> It is rather disheartening. Linux distributions are (mostly)
> cooperating with each other, but some of the users are definitely
> doing each other more harm than taking away from Microsoft.
> > Sure, Fedora had and continues to have (minor) bugs, just like any
> > distro, but I can't help thinking that much of the anti-Fedora prejudice
> > is pure hearsay. Have the Fedora-bashers ever used it?
> >
> Most of them, probably not. There's the fantasyland of Red Hat being
> the next Microsoft (this dates back to even before RHEL's launch).

Actually, it's funny

Whatever the hiped distro of the year is, it attracts new users that
defend it with the faith of new converts. Used to be Mandriva, then
Gentoo and now Ubuntu. They all settle down after a while, and don't
need Fedora-bashing to assert themselves.

Witness the very tame messages of this year's Gentooers/Mandrivers.

Nicolas Mailhot

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