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Fedora Mascot

I'm a newcomer to all this but I'll throw in two cents anyway. Been on
Fedora some two months now so my view is as a relative newbie, lots of
computer experience but not a "geek" or "power user".
In my past career I was responsible for a technical product that was the
best. Even our competition did not argue. But being the best is not
enough. You must still "sell" your product. An important part of selling
is making the potential customer feel comfortable with you, with the
product, and with your company.

Having said that.....

One of you said something about the "techie image". I think that comment
was right on target. Website needs to be "softened" (see Ubuntu
site:...people...working together).

Maybe a formal mascot is not necessay. There are possible pitfalls with
use of mascot. Maybe reworking the website a bit to make it more friendly
could be helped by using small "unofficial" images of "possible mascots"
as place markers. Maybe one of the images will become popular.

By the way. People don't think much of goats in US. Unfortunately, an
athlete who goofs up at the wrong time is called a "goat"; the guy who
lost the game for the team.

I like dolphins though. Don't know of any bad thoughts about dolphins.
Intelligence, speed, freedom, good attitude all come to mind. And it would
be easy to work dolphins into the existing Fedora blue colors.

Mascots (or at least "organic" images) connote "warm & fuzzy". Fedora
could use some warm & fuzzy.

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