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Le dimanche 18 mars 2007 à 00:44 -0300, Rodrigo Padula de Oliveira a
écrit :
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> Hi Guys!!
> The Fedora Project need a mascot.
> What do you think about this ?
> ASS: Rodrigo Padula de Oliveira
> www.projetofedora.org

Too bad, I can't see your proposal because your website is being

OK, here is my 2 cents about a mascot.

I think that we also have to think about one thing : we already have a
nice logo. Take for example Firefox and its logo. The animal is a part
of the logo itself, and so it is for the other examples (MySQL,
SUSE...). As the animal is part of the logo, adopting an animal, would
make us change the logo to add the animal in it or around the Fedora

Here is my proposal : how to mix our logo with an animal and to add
meaning to both of them at the same time.
The animal, well the insect I suggest, is a bee.
Why a bee ? Because it is maybe the only insect who has in charge the
reproduction process of flowers, by spreading pollen. Lets compare
flowers to Linux Distributions then, and pollen to technology in
general. Isn't Fedora the most bleeding edge distribution which sees
most of its technologies spread among the free and open source world,
i.e. Linux distributions ?

OK, now, how to mix a bee and our present logo ? I definitely see a bee
with Fedora logo wings. How beautiful would it be to make the Voice of
the Community with the Infinite Symbol fly in the sky, and taking
altitude, helping the bee (Fedora) to spread technology (pollen) among
flowers (distributions) !

Cheers !

Thomas Canniot

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