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Alex Maier escribió:
I see my sarcasm went completely unnoticed. So here:

<sarcasm weight="heavy;">
How about a puppy wearing a blue fedora hat?

Seriously, this stuff was all discussed and -- I thougt -- resolved a
long time ago. We have a logo, and that is it. The logo as it exists
now should be used whenever Fedora is mentioned, not some additional
imagery that will end up diluting the whole image.


Since Logos are directly related to branding, their terms of use are rather stiff. Instead, and I take Tux as example, a mascot gives more liberty to the users (as long as the terms of use say that) to use and modify as long as the essence is preserved. Gives the users the chance to do things with it, play with it (after all, that's what we humans have mascots in real life, and that's pretty much their definition also, as they're not animals to perform any specific task, but rather to keep us company and to play with)... I don't mind not adopting a mascot (though I'd prefer that) and just stick to the Logo, but I really like the *freedom* a mascot would bring for custom *redistributable* graphics and such.

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