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Re: Projects Wanted

Ryan Coleman wrote:
Hello All,

I have just joined the Fedora Wiki and wanted to know if there are any projects which i can help out on. I have a good linux experience and have been using fedora for about 2 years also i have been working on linux (RedHat) servers for about 3 years If anyone has any ideas on anything i can help out on please email me at ryanc75 AT gmail.com <http://gmail.com> and if i can i will help.

Since you wanted to be involved in coordinating news to the press as you indicated earlier on the offlist mail I would describe what I had in mind.


If you look at the above page there is a list of press outlets that we would like to reach to when we have events of interest within Fedora which might as big as a new release or a major milestone. Currently we would have to send it manually. What would be useful is to have a single place where we can feed in this information and get a automated way to send it out to every relevant website via different mechanisms like a submit API, form fill or even a email address.

Would you be interested in creating a infrastructure for that or alternatively acting as a gateway and sending the info manually?


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