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On 3/19/07, Alex Maier <lxmaier gmail com> wrote:

Seriously, this stuff was all discussed and -- I thougt -- resolved a
long time ago. We have a logo, and that is it. The logo as it exists
now should be used whenever Fedora is mentioned, not some additional
imagery that will end up diluting the whole image.


I undestand that it must be annoying to go through the same discussion
again and again. On the other side, there is a high interest in the
subject and it may be worth to be rediscussed. In order not to redo
the same old arguments for or against a mascot and to avoid that
several people have to read through a hundred emails it woud be very
useful if someone who discussed this subject last year could make a
wikipage with the major arguments and why in the end the decision was
made against the mascot so that we can move on from this point.


PS: ... by now I'd favourise a goat-derivation: the chamois ;-)

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