Follow Up: Re: Thank you for the free media

Karlie Robinson webpath at
Mon May 7 11:55:11 UTC 2007

I Heard Back from Hashim and he's given permission to use his earlier 
email on the Fedora Project website.

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Date: Sun, 06 May 2007 17:04:30 +0200
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Hello again, Karlie.

thank you for your email, hope you are well, I haven't checked my email for
a week but i will write all the answer below after your question in capital

Karlie Robinson wrote:

 > Hello, Hashim.
 > Thank you for your email.  I hope you don't mind, but I forwarded it 
to the Fedora Marketing email list and as I had hoped, it made a lot of 
people really happy. YES IT DID.
 > In fact, Greg Dekoenigsberg, the Fedora Community Development Manager 
replied to say "Awesome, Karlie.  This note gave a lot of folks inside 
of Red Hat a boost today."
 > You see, we send a lot of discs through Free Media and very few 
people take the time to send a thank you note - let alone a note as nice 
as yours.
 > Some of the Fedora Ambassadors were wondering if we could print your 
letter on the Fedora Website? YES YOU CAN PRINT IT IN THERE.

This is where Hashim and I talk about getting more FOSS from On-Disk 
since I was truly inspired by the number of people who go use from that 
single FC6 Sponsored Media disc we sent.


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