Distrowatch dot com judgment of Fedora's relation with the "community"

Herman Meester crazymulgogi at gmail.com
Wed May 9 14:11:45 UTC 2007

Hi everyone,

I translated the recently refreshed section of "Major distributions" on
distrowatch.com into Dutch.
That text is in fact the opinion of the site's owner, Ladislav Bodnar.
It's not "the gospel", but I do suspect many people new to Linux will
check that page out and take its content for relatively authoritative.

There was one remark on Fedora that I couldn't agree with.


"Cons: Less community-oriented than other major distributions; its
priorities tend to lean towards enterprise features, rather than desktop

I don't really agree with the 2nd line either, which is not really
important to argue about (leads to a lot of nonsense on non-free stuff
anyway), but especially since Fedora 7's merger of Core and Extras, the
live spin thing, etc., I think that the first line, "Less
community-oriented than other major distributions" is simply no longer
true - if it ever was.

Could "y'all" or some of you come up with good arguments to present to
Mr. Bodnar (on this list, I mean), so I can object to this in a
convincing manner? Or is there (still) some truth in his statement?



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