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Fri May 11 18:22:54 UTC 2007

Le vendredi 11 mai 2007 à 13:51 -0400, Christopher Aillon a écrit :
> Nicolas Mailhot wrote:
> > Yes. Especially since so far those fonts do not exist at all within
> > Fedora.
> Nothing in the past week+ exists in rawhide due to the merge.

Yes but there is stuff that could be pushed as-is and stuff just not

> > This is no the typical feature which has already been discussed
> > in technical Fedora forums and is available in Fedora Devel at least
> > (the RHEL packages would no pass review in their current form)
> Not like this is a technical issue anyway...  These are on the Fedora 7 
> preview Live CDs that we're handing out at the Red Hat Summit.  I 
> believe it would be folly to not include them in Fedora 7 final.

The package needs work first:
- the spec does not follow our current rules (forces a fontconfig dep)
- it lacks any form of fontconfig setup, which is required if you want
the ms core font substitution to actually work
- the license file is not properly encoded and is dumped in the wrong

- a lot of obvious questions are not answered on the web site or in the
- the screen and print priority of the font was never discussed in
Fedora instances, which is not a problem for a minor font but is if you
want it to be one of the primary distro ones

You can not just dump a few ttfs on the filesystem at the last minute
and expect you're done. Font stuff is hard. Users will flame you
mercilessly if you make a mistake. Neither Vera nor DejaVu made it in
the distro this easily, and they had plenty of upstream reviews before
being considered for Fedora (as opposed to a confidential embargoed
release process)

Like I wrote the package didn't even hit the technical Fedora trail yet.

Nicolas Mailhot
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