Liberations fonts from Red Hat

chasd chasd at
Fri May 11 22:20:31 UTC 2007

Charles Dostale said :

>>> Is it a guideline that marketing materials only contain / use freely
>>> licensed fonts ?

Rahul Sundaram said :

>> Definitely. If there any choice at all in the matter we should use  
>> fonts
>> that have no or minimum restrictions.

Nicolas Mailhot said :

> And we already have such fonts in Fedora. And we don't have the
> Arial/TNR metric contraint on our own documents.

Yes, agreed.
My above question appeared from the train of thought around the new  
fonts, I did not wish to imply any guideline should limit marketing  
materials to only the Liberation font.

Just trying to make Fedora the best that Free can be.

Charles Dostale

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