Distrowatch dot com judgment of Fedora's relation with the "community"

Marek Mahut marek at mahut.sk
Sat May 12 09:40:37 UTC 2007

Hello Ladislav,

First at all, thank you for good work you are doing with

On Thu, 2007-05-10 at 09:36 +0530, Rahul Sundaram wrote:
> Ladislav Bodnar wrote:
> > I wish you guys complained earlier, when we were having a discussion
> > about each distro's description. I did ask for input, but as far as I
> > can remember, there were no complaints about that particular point.
> > Now the article has been translated to 7 languages so changing any
> > text is no longer as simple as editing one line. Also, I'd prefer if
> > any particular complaint/suggestion came directly from the user
> > community, not from people who have a redhat.com or fedoraproject.org
> > in their email addresses, since you are likely to be biased.

Wait, fedoraproject.org email address isn't community?

> > Anyway, I am now going to switch my main system to Fedora (I rotate
> > distributions every 6 months in order to be more objective about
> > covering them) so hopefully I'll get a bit more involved with the
> > Fedora community soon. Alternatively, you can try to rally your users
> > - if I receive 100 emails saying that Fedora is every bit as
> > community-oriented as Ubuntu or Debian or openSUSE, I will concede
> > that I was wrong.

It's not about spam you receive that community is oriented or not :)
>From my point of view Fedora has a great developer community, it's true
that the user community isn't so strong like Ubuntu. However, Canonical
put more $$$ into Ubuntu that RedHat to Fedora - there's less community
developers of Ubuntu that Fedora. 

> > Cheers :-)
> > 
> > Ladislav



Marek Mahut <marek at mahut.sk>

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