A Mac User's Opinion of Fedora Core 6

Robert M. Albrecht romal at gmx.de
Sat May 12 13:47:17 UTC 2007


I know a bunch of them (including me).

Comparing MacOS X and Fedora is indeed an interessting thing to do.

In my opinon MacOSX is much more simpler to use. Software Installation
(including the os itself) is way simpler: simply unzip the app and drop
it anywhere. Patching is better. Multimedia-Support is better.

But I think it`s unfair to compare them.

Apple has control over the hardware-plattform. No unkown hardware, no
windows-centric-acpi-design, ... Linux has to run on an open hardware-mix.

And Apple provides much more than an OS. They have some very strong
apps, the have Adobe, the have iTunes and the IPod. Apple is more a
system / family than a single operating system.

Apple has only one gui, and not two of them (Gnome, KDE). Two GUIs are
eating up lots of manpower and messing up the user-experince. KDE-apps
in Gnome are visually unpleasent.

Linux is much more transparent. If something bothers you, there is
always a way to customize the system. It is easier to see the inner
working to troubleshoot problems, ...

Apple is much thighter. If you close you laptop the machine suspends.
There is no way to chose suspend-to-disk oder suspend-to-ram. If you
install the os, you get Apples Safari browser and Quicktime, no choice.
You have no choice of network-autoconfiguration like network-manager or
not, you get it. I think this is an important aspect. Ubuntu tries to
mimick this and many users like that.

But: both are unix-like operating systems. And MacOS is a heir of NeXT,
which was a really cool machine.

cu romal

Rahul Sundaram schrieb:
> Hi,
> Not really a review but you don't find OS X users trying out Fedora all
> the time. Thought the perspectives are interesting.
> "So, if you have the option of using Fedora at work I would definitely
> suggest you give it a try. But don’t just try it because you hate
> Windows (though that is a really good excuse); try it because you want
> to learn something different. Try it because you want to experience a
> different way of doing things."
> http://www.applematters.com/index.php/section/comments/1949/
> Rahul

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