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chasd chasd at
Wed May 23 19:47:08 UTC 2007

> Big Message #1: REMIX.

> Big Message #2: APPLIANCES.

> These are essentially the same message -- but they hit two different
> audiences.  The first message is "consumer-y", the second is
> "enterprise-y".
> --g

I see the first one as "enterprise-y" as well.
I my use here, I have two use cases for Fedora, and I have written  
scripts to customize what packages are installed. I know, kickstart,  
that's a hill I have yet to climb. It is easier for me to write a  
shell script right now.

However, creating my own "spin" for use within my company has  
advantages. One such advantage is making a Live CD of our own chosen  
environment that employees can take home for use there.

It is easier to justify the learning time for making our own spin  
rather than spend the time learning kickstart. I get a lot more from  
learning how to make my own spin.

As far as other points, new versions of Fedora are about relatively  
small amounts of continual improvement. There is usually one BIG  
thing each release, there isn't really time for more than one BIG  
thing. My conservitive side says maybe its a good idea not to have  
more than one BIG thing each release - too much change can be a bad  

A base hit each time at bat wins a lot of baseball games, and I think  
Fedora has had at least a base hit each release since FC3, IMHO. That  
fits with the goals of Fedora. It isn't about a home run every seven  
years, it is about making all the pieces a bit better, and what  
doesn't get caught this release, we'll get it next time. And next  
time is not that long of a wait.

If I was to pick out something really visible to me personally, it  
would be Firefox 2 and Thunderbird 2.

If I look through the "IN" rankings at

I would point out to people in conversations --

More KDE love - if you like KDE and have shied away from Fedora, try  
it again.
Tickless kernel - get more run time for your laptop ( well sort of  
anyway, FixWakeups is OUT ).
Better updates workflow - You thought Fedora had a lot of updates  
before, you ain't seen nothin' yet !

Charles Dostale

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