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On 5/23/07, Karlie Robinson <webpath at fedoraproject.org> wrote:
> On May 12, I went to a BarCamp at RIT [1] and Saw a presentation on F7
> by Luke Macken.
> That reminded me of how cool the Re-spin feature on 7 is.
> My hope is that we can encourage the community to get creative with
> Fedora by giving them an outlet for their work.
> To that end, Webpath Technologies has created http://respins.org
> My hope is that we can encourage the community to get creative with
> Fedora by giving them an outlet for their work.
> The general thought is if somene is only goofing around, there's no
> reason to set up downloads or torrents for the ISO.  But if we can
> created a clearing house, it could bring Fedora to a new level.
> So it's not just one guy goofing around but a lot of people working and
> sharing their "ideal" Fedora
> Since this is an effort of Webpath Technologies and On-Disk.com, the
> gathered re-spun ISOs will be listed in the same way Fedora is now -
> With a sponsorship built in. Order F7 - send a sponsorship.  Order F7RS
> - Send a sponsorship.
> Features of the Re-Spins.org website:
> Users can submit respins they have made and make them available to the
> general public via Respins.org to be distributed on On-Disk.com, where
> every remaster shipped helps spread Fedora Far and wide via Sponsored
> Media.
> Not only can they submit respins/remasters, but they can also:
> * Create informative homepages for each respin right on the Respins.org
> Website.
> * Have full use of the Respins.org forums to answer any questions that
> users might have.
> * Allow others to private message them or contact them via email.
> * Contact others, through the Respins.org community connections and
> forums, who are also creating Respins for ideas and assistance when
> problems arise.
> Please keep in mind that the site is a bit "Fresh" and will need a
> little spiffing up, and should be in tip-top shape by Thursday's release
> (that's the plan anyway)
> I hope you enjoy the site.
> Karlie
> [1] http://barcamp.org/BarCampRochester2
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this is cool ...

how about adding respin livecd kickstart file submission ?? a
repository of kickstarts for respins is also nice .. advanced user can
download the kickstart and build it themselves ..

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