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FYI ...

Paul and I worked out an idea, I'll be doing a draft tonight.  Anyone
want to be in the writing party?  Send me an email (here or directly),
and I'll draft you.  You lose the element of surprise and fun, but you
help us make it funnier. :)

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Finally ready for you to use:


Use this template to make sure you have all the correct links:


When you have your announcement sent, link to it from the Fedora 7
release announcements page.


You can send your announcement out on 31 May as soon as you see the
first, formal project announcement sent to fedora-announce-list.  

In addition to any language/locale specific lists you want to use,
please send a copy to fedora-announce-list so we all can see it.  

Use the f-announce-l URL as the link on Releases/7/Announcements.

Note the Red Hat copyright in the template.  This is standard for
anything covered by the CLA.  If you announcement is *not* a
contribution to the Fedora Project, note that in the footer and replace
the copyright notice with your own.

- Karsten, spreading open marketing love
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