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Liberations fonts from Red Hat



Red Hat has released Liberation fonts under the GPL+ fonts exception license. Liberation fonts are metric equivalent to key Microsoft fonts. This is a major milestone and significantly enhances the interoperability of documents and content under these Microsoft fonts in Linux.

Red Hat has included third party licensed fonts in the extras/supplementary channel for this purpose to Red Hat Enterprise Linux customers before. Some end users have been building packages with the restricted Microsoft core fonts but these have only been only short term solutions. What has been provided now closes one of the significant usabilit gaps for the Free software world and Fedora out of the box.

The initial font sets include Latin, Greek and Cyrillic characters and lacks hinting. The next update is planned to have hinting and support for other locales.

They are available now in the Fedora 7 Preview Live DVD specially created for the Red Hat summit. I believe the plan it to make these available in the Fedora repository via the regular review process. Enjoy!


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