Spinning a New Kind of Distro

Rahul Sundaram sundaram at fedoraproject.org
Wed Nov 14 04:52:26 UTC 2007



"While talking with Fedora Project Leader Max Spevack yesterday, I 
increasingly got the sense that Fedora is positioning itself for 
something bigger.

The key, I believe, is the spin management technology that was 
implemented in Fedora 7 and has now come to maturity in Fedora 8. Spins, 
in Fedora-parlance, are customized versions of Fedora that users can 
create using Fedora's on-board mixing/package management tools. Right 
now, besides the two official KDE and GNOME spins from Fedora, the 
Fedora Spin site is host to Electronic Lab, Games, and Development spins."


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