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Robert Scheck robert at fedoraproject.org
Wed Oct 3 22:14:26 UTC 2007

Evening together,

On Wed, 03 Oct 2007, Christoph Wickert wrote:
> So ether I'm blind or we really missed to publish these meeting minutes.
> In this case it IMHO is unfair to blame someone for not reading
> something that has never been published.

unfortunately we missed to publish these meeting minutes and nobody
noticed. It won't help us now, but here are them (just FYI):

----- Forwarded message from Jeroen van Meeuwen -----
Date: Sat, 02 Jun 2007 20:11:05 +0200
From: Jeroen van Meeuwen
To: Andreas Rau, Florian Brand, Fabian Affolter, Jeroen van Meeuwen,
        Jens Kuehnel, Joerg Simon, Kushal Das, Max Spevack, Mike McGrath,
        Robert M. Albrecht, Robert Scheck, Stefan Held, Christoph Wickert,
        Sebastian Vahl, Francesco Ugolini, Sandro Mathys
CC: Thomas Canniot
Subject: FAD LinuxTag, Berlin 01-06-2007


here follows the meeting minutes from our FADCon meeting, at LinuxTag in

Attendees include: Stefan, Jeroen, Francesco, Max, Kushal, Sebastian, Jens,
Gerold, Pawwal, Fabian, Robert, Christoph

Topics that have been discussed include:
    * Meeting Times & Structure
    * Marketing
    * Skill List
    * Key Points for Organizing an Event
    * European Infrastructure

Topic: Meeting Times & Structure
Key Note: How to organize the meetings on IRC, or what time to use for the

- Send a couple of proposals to FAMSCo
    1) Split meetings per region, and have some key members of each
       region arrange the meetings and give feedback to FAMSCo
    2) ...?

    - Create more proposals for FAMSCo (anyone)

Topic: Marketing
Key Note: Getting Fedora marketing in general, and Europe specifically
Some thoughts:
    - Have someone within Red Hat take care of marketing for Fedora
      in cooperation with the Ambassador(s)
    - Tasks: Improving overall Fedora presence,
         Press releases about events / releases / etc.,
         Improve Fedora Exposure
    - Set simple goals for marketing
    - /me has sent an email to Max reminding him he should get the
      marketing m-l (back) into shape.
    - Webshop (see also European Infrastructure)

Topic: Skill List
Key Note: Get a skill list of ambassadors and other volunteers so that
anyone looking for (example) an OLPC guru to speak at an event, they're
listed somewhere. If you have a booth at the event, use the skill list so
that you know who to get when someone comes walking up to the booth asking
questions about OLPC (which of course happens to be that one thing you
don't know anything about)

Actions: We did not agree on any actions to be taken here, yet.

Topic: Organization Key Points / Check List
Key Note: Get a document (WikiPage) describing a number of common culprits
when organizing an event, or even a "complete" task list.

Action: We did not agree on any actions to be taken here, yet.

Topic: European Infrastructure
Key Note: What is EI to be? Tasks, responsibilities, opportunities,

- Have someone within Red Hat take Max's function as a Fedora Project
leader as far as Europe is concerned.
- Wiki translations
- Website balancing - other technical stuff
- Decisions are made faster
- Raising or getting Money / Funding will be easier, faster
- Marketing stuff is local
- Eventbox to send to events taking place in Europe
- Budget to arrange expenses for speakers travelling to show at an event
- Non-profit organization set-up
- Board Members
- larger, greater, longer FUDCons, not during LinuxTag but before/after

Kind regards,

Jeroen van Meeuwen
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