Fedora: Freedom is a Feature.

M Daniel R Magarzo b2.mdr.magarzo at gmail.com
Sun Oct 7 18:38:35 UTC 2007

El vie, 05-10-2007 a las 20:16 +0200, Chitlesh GOORAH escribió:

> I would rather prefer a slogan(for fedora) which values Fedora
> Contributors(RH and community) and not contributors of other distros.
> Many fedora contributors spend about 4 hours per day for fedora, at
> least it's my case. Having a slogan which values freedom that other
> distributions provide, does NOT praise the fedora community, but
> rather the "linux community" !

Completely agree

> Many fedora technologies are poorly advertised and yet the proposed
> slogan doesn't praise fedora, but free software. Fedora isn't just
> about "free software", but a wonderful (the best and professional) +
> active community that does more than "assembling free packages".

You're right. The main problem IMHO is that despite everything, nobody
knows very well what are the identity signs that Fedora should have, nor
the possible target audience it should be intended. But this is another
discussion that I won't to open here.

> The Fedora Project is something really special, it is even the engine
> of the linux community.

I do not think so, sincerely. I think that sentence goes two steps
forward from where it should reasonably. 

> The Fedora Project has many special contributors and develops anything
> for anyone.
> Fedora is not a kiddy-type distribution but provides quality applications/OS.

I think there no kiddy-type distros (apart from Windows :-), and those
that AFAIK Red Hat sponsored for schools (K12, etc.. -IIRC) or for the
poorest countries with O.L.P.C.
I'm not a developer nor a beta-tester, etc... so in this issue I get
everything for free, and I dislike scornful comments against other
distros. Said this.., I have to say that unfortunately most of the times
the victim of comments (I mean over there...) is Fedora. 

> Example 1:
> Aren't you proud of Fedora Artwork in each release ? Every time
> there's something new and every time one will see posts on
> planet.fedoraproject.org praising Fedora Artwork. Which other
> distributions have a better artwork community than Fedora's ? There
> isn't.
> There are many Fedora SIGs which have done wonderful work.

Chitlesh, with all the respect for you and the Fedoda Artwork team, I
must say that there are several distros where they much care its look.
Some of them come with KDE by default, what means a more polished look
(e.g. Suse). 
In respect to GNOME, I think the gnome.art exists long before the Fedora

Most of them here I believe they use Debian and/or Ubuntu.

In respect to me, like many other Fedora/Linux-in-general users,
actually I generally prefer Gnome themes (all them available in the
repositories), and I do not hide that I dislike even the boot splash,
therefore I use to change it, and so on many things..
The F7 appearance was notably better than the F6 one, IMO. I respect
their work. But one of F6 or F5 (I do not remember yet) was, IMO, a
vulgar childish (Be aware I'm not talking about the icons made by a
woman, I do not remember now her name but I think they are cool and
fresh). This one (F7) preserves something of that (childish) yet, but I
repeat that wasn't my choice at all. 

BTW, past days I've read somewhere over there (I don't remember where)
that Red Hat doesn't allow to Fedora teams the use of the red colour in
logos, oficial Fedora websites, etc.. Then, I understood why Fedora is
bluuuuuueeee everything around; blue combined with white for example (in
good proportions) could be OK, but blue combined with more blue..., is
really depressing. This are basic things, the A,B,C.., I'm not a
designer nor anything related, but there are things that claims..

Let me a test, Chitlesh, ask to you; please, go to both sites briefly:




You are a really common desktop user.. Which one do you most like? 
All of them probably have, more or less, the same (respective) info
inside, however they don't look like very much.
And the look of the Fedora main page has improved considerably in the
last months..

> Example 2:
> In the past, people cursed fedora for X,Y and Z reasons.
> Fedora has already fixed and improved X, Y and Z.
> But still people are pointing to the X,Y and Z.
> Aren't you sick about it ?

I agree. 
One of the problems of Fedora as a Project is that they don't know how
to sell their own product.
There are many Fedora email lists, there are ambassadors around the
world, etc... but we lack of a good look for the Fedora website, because
of we have the blue..., just and only the blue blue..
Who could be attracted  by something like that? 
Oh! I forget..! It doesn't have importance, since we do not need tons of
new users...We just know that we are __better__ than other distros..

> Example 3:
> someone: Hai, have you seen X has new features (P,Q,R and S) that no
> other distribution has?
> Me: Fedora has P, Q, R and S since at least 6 months now, perhaps even
> since a year ago.
> Didn't you come across this before ?
> example of example 3:
> http://linuxglobe.wordpress.com/2007/10/01/fedora-8-needs-to-add-features-like-ubuntu-710/

You're right here too. I'm sure you are a good "ambassador" over there
in the net, seriously. I can imagine you in those typical forum threads
where the Ubuntu (Windows and other species) users generally end up
crushing you. Into those arenas is where really users get worked up and
can encourage to someone to try this one or that one distro.

> Well that my thoughts. I'll advise not to jump and choose any slogan.
> Chitlesh
> -- 
> http://clunixchit.blogspot.com



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