Fedora: Freedom is a Feature.

Chitlesh GOORAH chitlesh at fedoraproject.org
Sun Oct 7 20:50:57 UTC 2007

On 10/7/07, M Daniel R Magarzo wrote:
>>> The Fedora Project is something really special, it is even the engine
>>> of the linux community.
>> I do not think so, sincerely. I think that sentence goes two steps
>> forward from where it should reasonably.

I wonder what new apps or feature I'm using recently which does not
have Fedora contributions.

> Chitlesh, with all the respect for you and the Fedoda Artwork team, I
> must say that there are several distros where they much care its look.
> Some of them come with KDE by default, what means a more polished look
> (e.g. Suse).

I meant "Each Fedora release, there is a new artwork theme".
Thus this implies a lot of work
A lot of work ==>>> A lot of discussion and A lot of communication
You can even see non english artwork contributors working together on
an english platform to come up in the end with a product, (a new
artwork theme, in this case)

In my opinion, this is something that deserves RESPECT !

Now when you see other distributions having the same artwork for many
years surely there's would be more polished. However the Fedora
Artwork community has recently adopted a new strategy besides only
producing artwork. Now they are willing to promote opensource tools
they use for designing artwork.
see http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Artwork/ArtTeamProjects/FedoraArtStudio

Well that deserves RESPECT TOO !

> Let me a test, Chitlesh, ask to you; please, go to both sites briefly:
> You are a really common desktop user.. Which one do you most like?
> All of them probably have, more or less, the same (respective) info
> inside, however they don't look like very much.
> And the look of the Fedora main page has improved considerably in the
> last months..

I'm a special case. I value quality/professional and hardwork before
appearance as you might surely deduce from now.
This attitude affects my movie/music selections up to my favorite distro.
I talked to various contributors of various distributions on various
open source events, but never saw something professional, for me to
say "wow" (only centos). I won't choose a distro just because of its
look, but rather how professional its contributors are.
That's the main reason why I recommend Centos after fedora.

> You're right here too. I'm sure you are a good "ambassador" over there
> in the net, seriously. I can imagine you in those typical forum threads
> where the Ubuntu (Windows and other species) users generally end up
> crushing you. Into those arenas is where really users get worked up and
> can encourage to someone to try this one or that one distro.

No, I'm not that kind of person, I promote fedora in real life mainly.

With a few minutes spent reading the threads one can automatically
deduce the weakness of the writer. Then you point to the right URL.
that's it ! :)

However I'm not in the distro war, as I take fedora as the upstream of
other linux distributions, you might even see that on my blog

Ok, I guess this discussion is going way off from its title.


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PS: If a user wants to do VLSI simulation, besides Fedora there is no
other distribution which is simple to use and install !!
see: http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Features/FedoraElectronicLab
Now if the user wants to use proprietary vlsi simulators on linux,
AGAIN fedora and its derivatives are THE BEST solutions !! see my blog
posts why.


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