Fedora: Freedom is a Feature

M Daniel R Magarzo b2.mdr.magarzo at gmail.com
Sun Oct 7 22:27:46 UTC 2007

El dom, 07-10-2007 a las 22:42 +0200, Herman Meester escribió:
> 2007/10/7, M Daniel R Magarzo <b2.mdr.magarzo at gmail.com>:
>         El dom, 07-10-2007 a las 00:24 -0400, Gian Paolo Mureddu
>         escribió:

> Liberty and freedom are synonymous, but they are used in completely
> different contexts.
> Liberty is mainly used in social contexts, "may I take the liberty
> to..", in political contexts, "liberty as a universal aspiration of
> man", "the attack of the US government on civil liberties is, alas,
> not met with much resistance", etc. 
> Freedom is a much more existential and down-to-earth word, much
> preferred to liberty when it comes to slogans such as discussed here.
> A prisoner wants freedom, not liberty. Freedom is the abstract yet
> very concrete 'version' of liberty. 
> I think it is a much abused word, especially in some regions of the
> world. "God" is much more abused, though, so we can safely use the
> former.


> My idea of a slogan:
> "Fedora - not all things free suck" 

Very hard, not? 

> or:
> "Booting freedom... [[[ OK ]]]"
> :)


> hrmn
> -- 

My 2 cents below :-)

Fedora. Here we are.
Fedora. Is your Linux?
Fedora as your Linux.
Fedora is your Linux.
Put a Linux in your Desktop. Put Fedora.
Fedora. A Linux over your desktop. 
F8's ready. You?
F8's ready. And you?
Fedora's ready. And you?
You're ready for F?
Aren't you fedoring yet?
Fedora 8 for your mind.
Fedora. For your mind.
Fedora. Take it!
Is Fedora for you? Try it!
Is Fedora your good?
Is Fedora your gift?
Fedora. Our gift. 
Fedora. A gift for freedom.
Fedora. My key, my gift.
Fedora. A key for you inside the gift.
Fedora. A gift with the master key.
Fedora. The master key.
Fedora. The gratitude instead.
Fedora. A gift with the key inside.
Fedora, the gift.
Fedora, the master key.
Fedora. Gift and key.
Fedora. Gift and master key.
Fedora. Try out its key.
Fedora. A present for the future.
Fedora. Our present for our freedom.
Fedora. Present for our freedom.
Fedora. A present with the key.
Fedora. A key gift for ours. 
Fedora. A key gift.
Fedora. The key gift.
Fedora. A key gift on the Desk.
Fedora. A key gift for our liberty.
Fedora. A key for the ocean.
Fedora. An 8 Linux key.
Fedora. A master Linux key.
Fedora. A master key.
Fedora. Master key.
Fedora. Our key for the ocean.
Fedora. A key to the ocean.
Fedora. A key to open the ocean.
Fedora. A gift for the ocean.
Fedora. A gift for the liberty.
Fedora. Key gift.
Fedora. The key of the ocean.
Fedora. The ocean's key
Fedora. The ocean's need.


P.S. Maybe the word "ocean" included into some of them needs somewhat
The ocean is something that has to do in some manner with bigger values,
like infinite, its waves are there for ever; it sight is like something
infinite, suggesting, ...
The ocean is freedom too; in front of a single green field without any
tree, just some dull clouds in the sky, the ocean is homogeneous too,
apparently are almost the same, but they have nothing to do: the ocean
is dangerous, mysterious, variable, etc..
The ocean is also a place for the messages, for the communication, it
has also its own sound,...
For those who like the blue, the ocean is bluuue..
And the most important for me, the ocean is what joins all the lands,
continents. It has something magical.

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