Interviews for Fedora 8 - TODO

Jonathan Roberts at
Tue Oct 9 17:46:25 UTC 2007

Thanks Rahul!! I've been meaning to ask if someone could put together
a list like this :D

I think I'd suggest, if anyone else is interested in doing some of
these interviews, reply to the thread and make it clear what you want
to do...would be quite helpful if somebody else did a few but it's not
the end of the world if not! Lol, that is assuming the devs are all
happy to answer the questions - make sure to ask nicely first :p

Just a little bit more info to go with it:

> Codec Buddy: Bastien Nocera (again)

I feel bad to ask Bastien again, there's another name down along side
the feature too but haven't had any response...
> New default sound server, Pulse Audio: Lennart Poettering (upstream too)

Already on to this one :D
> New Firewall tool, system-config-firewall by twoerner

Will try and dig out the contact details fro twoerner - unless
somebody else fancies having a crack at the interview?
> New system logging daemon, rsyslog: pvrabec, sgrubb, upstream:
> rgerhards at

This sounds a little beyond my technical knowledge to make a
reasonable interview, so I think somebody else will need to do it - if
> Transifex: Dimitris Glezos

Already done, set to go up next.
> Network Manager 0.7: Dan Williams (upstream too)

Yes, this would be a good one!
> PolicyKit: David Zuethen (upstream too)

Again cool :D
> Laptop work: Suspend/resume. power management and multimedia keys:
> Richard Hughes

How many ways can I say cool....
> Rebranding and custom spins touching upon generic-logos and future
> direction: Bill Nottingham and Seth Vidal

Again, cool !

Thanks Rahul!


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