Fedora: Freedom is a Feature.

M Daniel R Magarzo b2.mdr.magarzo at gmail.com
Sun Oct 14 22:24:59 UTC 2007

El lun, 08-10-2007 a las 03:00 +0530, Rahul Sundaram escribió:

> What are you doing to help? Just waving a big flag doesn't change anything.
Personally, I firmly think that there are no much things around _so_
strong in order to promote a "weird" O.S. for most common people, AKA
Linux, than "wearing it" permanently from a very common person, without
fascination nor "big flags", without pompousness nor flattery, without
"Linux Install Parties", without ambassadors (sounds to me a bit like
"commercial" sellers..), without being an 2nd grade I.T. student,
without evangelisms nor talibanisms, etc, etc..
In the other hand, I won't -as you will probably guess- list here any
medal, not even suggest about its mere existence. Nevertheless, I
remember you that contributing to the Open Source movement can be done
in multiple ways, and you'll agree that the Fedora Project is no more
than a very restricted area of it. 
For me, collaboration for Linux in general is very different than
involving severely with a distribution in particular, since for the last
one you must believe completely in that, being 100% interested in that
(for any reason), to have enough time, etc. 
Who is convinced about this project in particular, don't worry that
he/she will do without asking.
Said that.., what happens if somebody is doing nothing for helping? Does
it denies "per se" the right to the constructive criticism? No. Most of
the people that use computers daily in a common/regular way won't do
anything for any "computing" community into their whole life. They
_just_ use computers (from time to time, sometimes some minutes a day,
etc...). Actually, I'm not into this group (as regards ways of
behaviour), but I would perfectly..(as regards computing for me is, at
the most, secondary). So what..? Are you going to tell/"ask" that phrase
to everyone that is coming newbie to Linux, or to Fedora, during the
next years?

> > It's possible. One read so much info throughout the weeks..
> > It was just a comment I read.. You seem uncomfortable with it. 
> > If sometime I find where it was, I promise that you will be the first I
> > will tell it.:-)
> I am uncomfortable with people spreading misinformation, yes.

Yeah! ...and specially with people that you know that, by telling his
opinion freely, has nothing to loose here, in this business. I'm not
from Red Hat (not an aspiring either..), I do not belong to the I.T.
engineering world, I'm not even a fanatic of computing and computers..,
I'm just a common man that when sitting down for a while in order to
make a task or whatever, is always facing a Linux as O.S., no more (no

> > A strange colour for a skin, not? Maybe Fedora (=Teodora, Dorotea) is
> > ill. 
> It's not a skin color. It is the color for a distribution.  Very 
> different things.

Worrying.. There is a thing called humour, this sometimes includes games
such as double sense words, etc. 
Fedora _was_ from ages, still is, and _will be_ forever, and over the
rest of things (take note)... a name of woman. That's the basis. That
was precisely the trick.

> > Maybe like the freedom to use typical RH hats but in blue? What a
> > paradoxical!
> It is part of a brand. Fedora's brand is explicitly different from 
> others. The name, logo and colors are part of it.
You forget the money that comes from Red Hat, the main sponsor.

> > In relation with "consolidate your replies", please let me know if there
> > is a only email that lacks of sense or not written seriously.
> When you are replying to many mails, consolidate the replies. Dozens of 
> mails one after another as a answer for a week's worth of mails is not 
> very courteous to people reading those mails. Just common netiquette.
There was just eight emails, not "dozens". Since you didn't take the
trouble to count them..., just eight in total and that taking part in
different threads. 
The question is why you have talked about "dozens", maybe for some
reason they seemed dozens to you... ;-) Let's think that they were just
bothering you, from the first to the last. Since they were (or tried to
be) serious, don't talk _you_ to me about netiquette..., I can smell the
bad behaviour, the interested behaviour, and bad intention from someone
from miles away.
I've seen between folks many complains about netiquette with the years,
but this is the first time that I see that someone is complaining about
8 fu***** emails into a very very low-traffic list, just incredible!
Even them won't be enough to enliven it.
In respect to accusing me because of the delay in my interventions...
just ridiculous, since that IMO would be applicable to another
situations, where people is really in a hurry for solving some personal
problem or doubt, usually about hardware and/or software.. In addition,
the majority of the threads where I put some reply actually were opened
long time ago and I simply included thoughts, ideas, etc... not
solutions to end up the thread. The rest (2 or 3) were just
clarifications where NOBODY had replied several days after.
Man, let me tell you the true I perceive: real criticism make you feel
really uncomfortable.
Bad issue..
You should learn something from this, but I doubt it.

> Rahul


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