metrics and transparency

Rahul Sundaram sundaram at
Wed Oct 17 19:49:52 UTC 2007


Metrics can be fuzzy but they aren't numbers you pull out of your back 
pocket. The source is important and people do notice.

"Shuttleworth also touched upon the issue of Unbuntu's user base, saying 
that it has "in excess of 6 million users." He did, however, admit that 
he couldn't be sure of the number since there is no formal registration 
process for most users, and neither Canonical nor the Ubuntu community 
do any active monitoring of installations.

However, Red Hat Fedora Linux, Ubuntu's competitor, provides publicly 
available usage numbers based on how many Fedora installations update 
their machines.

As of Oct. 3, Fedora reported nearly 1.5 million users for its Fedora 7 
release alone. Fedora had previously reported nearly 3 million users for 
its Fedora 6 release. "


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