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Rodrigo Padula de Oliveira <rodrigopadula at projetofedora.org> wrote:

> I'm thinking about the Fedora Life Cycle and i have some conclusions:
> - - 13 months is a very short life cycle time and it's a bad thing
> thinking in the Fedora Marketing (I am constantly asked about it in my
> lectures).
> - - with this short time we cannot use Fedora in production servers.
> In Brazil we have BIG FEDORA CASES and it's a major concern of
> Brazilian TI Managers.
> - - many of linux distributions has more than 13 months of life cycle
> So,how can we extend that life cycle to increase for at least 2 years
> by release?
> IMHO, we should do this!!

No, we shouldn't.  When 13 months is not long enough for you, we have
wonderful options for long term support.  RHEL and CentOS.  They're
based on Fedora but have a longer life span (7 years) and a slower
release cycle (every 2~ years).  With these options, why in the world
would we want to put that effort into Fedora itself?

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