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David Nielsen david at lovesunix.net
Mon Oct 29 16:27:58 UTC 2007

man, 29 10 2007 kl. 09:10 -0500, skrev Mike McGrath:
> David Nielsen wrote:
> > While I think this is some what like blackmail, you give us the options
> > of being biggots or opening a slippery slope - I mean we have XFce
> > users, enlightenment users, when they decide to get their own spin, do
> > we make those official as well. In that case where does it end.
> >
> > GNOME only, I'm scared of the alternative as all official spins have to
> > undergo QA testing and we are short on staff as it is.
> >   
> That's actually up to the QA team, and AFAIK the kde spin is blessed 
> already and distributed by the mirrors.  This is a pure marketing 
> decision.  Do we want it on the get fedora page or not.

So if we market both and the QA flatly just don't have time and manpower
to vet both, say the KDE spin has a horrible lot of problems does that
not reflect badly on all of Fedora. In effect the choice is vetting
everything (which we should do, sadly manpower, endless variantion and
so on makes this practically impossible especially as the number of
spins keep mounting) or blessing one spin then ensuring that at least
rocks hard. Personally I feel pretty damn confident about the state of
the GNOME spin, I've beaten it mercilessly for weeks without seeing
major issues.

I know we have a lot of KDE users and that Rex and the guys have done
amazing work which certainly does deserve to be shown off - but I feel
we are pushing a decision based on the issue of fairness and ignoring
that the negative effect it might have on Fedora as a whole. The first
calls for XFce as a choice has been leveled in previews.. I'm scared.

I think one spin, GNOME, is easier to market and easier to assure that
we live up to the traditional high Fedora quality on. At least for now,
if the decision is made early in the F9 cycle that we have as a goal to
officially market the GNOME and KDE spins, then it would be easier to
prepare from a QA stance. Days before the official release that still
leaves an awful lot of testing to do and I'd feel bad about not seeing
the KDE spin undergo the same degree of testing from day one yet
flaunting it.

I'd just feel bad if we ship a KDE spin that isn't all it can be and
market it heavily - it could backfire terribly on us all. I'm confident
Rex and the boys have done a good job, but still bring it up last minute
seems kinda unwise from a QA stance, wearing those retrospective vision
glasses I guess we should have seen it coming though.

Regardless the majority seems in favor of fairness, something to which I
must bow but I do encourage people to join the QA team to get really
killer coverage for F9 for all the spins. I'd love to see it be a demand
to be an officially spin that a member of assigned to do QA for the
special subset on that spin but that's something for a later debate I
suspect. More from the perspective that we are bound to get more spins
wanting this official blessing - spins are both our best weapons and a
terrible enemy.

- David
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