Fedora 8 Werewolf Screenshots

Rahul Sundaram sundaram at fedoraproject.org
Tue Oct 30 00:14:10 UTC 2007

Marc Wiriadisastra wrote:
> http://www.tuxmachines.org/node/21448
> The release of Fedora 8 (codenamed Werewolf) is due out for release in 
> less than two weeks and comes with a host of new features. Fedora 8 will 
> offer a Codec Buddy for installing audio/video codecs, an open-source 
> Java stack now based upon IcedTea, improved laptop support, the Pulse 
> Audio sound server, remove virtualization support, and much more.

Typo there. "Remote" virtualization support. Has been fixed in the 
original source (Phoronix). Just wanted to avoid confusion from anyone.


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