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Re: Fedora-fr association was born !


On 10/1/07, JoergSimon <simon simline de> wrote:
Am Sonntag, 30. September 2007 21:34:01 schrieb H. Guémar:
> Hi,
> Fedora-FR should be seen as a companion organisation to fp.o ambassadors.
> Fedora-FR gathers hundred people maybe thousands in the future, French
> fp.oambassadors are about a dozen.

On Feb2007 i was able to see Thomas presentation on Fosdem and i was
impressed - what all of you achieved. There was a strong presence of French
ambassadors and after i signalized that i am interessted in there work, i had
a great time with kind and communicative people. I am sure you know what is
the best to achieve your goals in your country.
Please don´t forget the world who need your results.
Example: googled metisse & fedora  - the really needfull articles only in

yeah of course it is a big achivement for Fr-Ambassadors...and it will get mature with the time.

> As an association, we will be able to collect and share some ressources,
> and have a _legal existence_.

I had really bad conflicts with Gerold about a Legal Entity  - i hate
bureaucracy and my opinion is that Fedora Project should not have borders - i
don´t like´d the idea to found a german LegalEntity.  In the other way i
proposed the EMEA Leadership in DEC2006 and now i see this could not
established without legal status in Europe.

I will again add my point here, in my opinion we should have a central EMEA Legal Entity, that can work as regularity authority for National Legal Entities. i feel a high degree of need for a central observing authority.... Even if Fr-Ambassadors could help to scale their experience for founding Central EMEA legal entity, it would be very nice...

> Fedora-FR aims to ease and leverage French
> ambassadors work and organizing meetings between users.
> Human contacts are a better way to promote Fedora rather than mailing-lists
> and irc.

Like i say, think about a liason officer who is able to share with us - i am
glad to see Thomas in Rheinfelden.

sure, Fr-Ambassadors are not out of fedoraproject.org frame :)

> We're as eager as you to set up an EMEA structure lead by Fedora
> Ambassadors, but it cannot replace local user groups and vice-versa. An
> EMEA structure should  also lean on local user groups to strenghten its
> action, if we don't, such structure could only fail.

There is a EMEA Structure and the success we had in this Year to have Fudcon
on Fosdem and LT2007 with Alan Cox and other familiar Names - the official
launch of Fedora 7 on LT 2007 by Max ... this was happen without a legal
entity, because of work that have to be done.

Ask yourself why you doing this? - For me is fun!

you are right, we should keep in mind the cause , no matter how we achieve it :)


Cheers Joerg
Jörg Simon
jsimon fedoraproject org
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